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Top Link Consult advert

Welcome To Top Link Consult.

 We have been in the system for the past seven years now and still counting we understand the process of immigration better.

Toplink Travel and Tour is an established tour and travels firm. Our company values are providing extraordinary customer service to our clients with integrity and honesty.

We aim to create unforgettable experiences for our clients through personalized, well-thought-out itineraries and pride ourselves on being a guide on the ground knowing the best places to visit, best activities in the area, local culinary specialties for the clients to not only have the time of their lives but also laying equal emphasis on their safety and comfort.

 Our services include; Travelling Consultancy, visas, study abroad, Work abroad for professional nurses, money transfer, American Green Card lottery entry, travel insurance and many more!

Our expertise is in diverse packages and fulfilling the niche and complex requirements of our clients, focusing on giving them the best experience they could ever have.

Toplink travel Consult is in multiple business ventures mobile Apps, freelancing and more.

 With more experience in the travel business Toplink Consult has won the hearts of many people.

Come and taste our services, satisfaction guaranteed.



Before you proceed, We would like to know if you have a traveling passport. And minimum education level of SHS
Please NOTE: JHS graduate is not qualified to participate.